3D Designing of Ladies Saloon in Sharjah

This commercial project is a beauty salon and the design is totally modern and still simple and clean. The overall theme consists of all neutral colors with a touch of Golden and light-dark furniture. The wall designs are having wood cladding and paneling designs. Floor tiles are white and light gray texture, matching very well the overall theme. The ceiling is proposed in Gypsum material, having a plain design with two different LED light fixtures. Having kept in mind the sunlight coming in through the glass window and door, that might be different in real-world if the client is making the glass closed with some kind of sticker, which is normal in Sharjah, but then we can change the ceiling light with more bright intensity and this all to be done on the site after LUX calculation.

At Zoom Homes decor we provide services that include LUX calculation and we recommend this calculation in projects like Beauty clinics and Saloons because in these places there are zero margins of error if, for example, your skin tone might look different in a Mirror if you install Light fixtures of high or low intensity.

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